The SUPER BOWL COLLECTION as the the name suggests are a huge and spectacular planter designed for large, open spaces. SUPER BOWLS are a great planter bowl that can be the focal point of any large garden, commercial or public space. The SUPER BOWLS range in diameter from 1.6 metres up to 5 metres – perfect for large trees.

Made with GRC [Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete] this stunning bowl collection is moulded smooth on the convex exterior surface, and on the top rim that returns back inwards towards the centre. Comes in a range of white, sandstone, concrete grey and charcoal with other oxide colours or other painted surface by request.

Call stonehaus now or visit our showroom to view these amazing bowls on display or in the crate. We deliver to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

From 1600MM to 5000MM

White, Sandstone, Concrete Grey and Charcoal

Other colours by request.