INTENSIFIA™ – Premium Colour Enhancing Sealer

Love the the look of your stone when it rains? Here is the solution…

INTENSIFIA™ is a deep colour enhancement, fully breathable sealer that has excellent oil and water repellency for superior stain protection as well as making your stone’s colour simply pop!

Perfect for a wide variety of natural stones, encaustic tiles, concrete and brick work and is suitable for indoor and out door floors, walls, cladding, facades, bench tops, driveways and entertaining areas.

Will not change the gloss level or wet slip resistance, unlike other enhancer sealers, INTENSIFIA™ will not flake, yellow, crack, blister or break down in high alkalines. Backed by 5 year Performance Warranty when applied by a Dry Treat Accredited Applicator. Talk to us about putting you in touch with our recommended licensed applicators.

Comes in 2 sizes – 1 Quart (946ml), 1 Gallon (3.79 litres)