EFF-RAYZA™- Efflorescence And Rust Remover

Eff-Erayza™ is a cutting edge technology safe acid cleaner for removing efflorescence, limescale, rust stains, grout haze, cement mortar haze. Eff-Erayza™ is  a super powerful, effective and safer to use than traditional industrial acids like Hydrochloric acid.

Suitable for commercial & domestic use on floors, walls, facades, showers, masonry, brickwork, patios, driveways and garage floors. Eff-Erayza™ is suitable for a wide range of non-acid sensitive stones like granite, slate, basalt, brick, glass, ceramic and porcelain tile, terracotta.

Comes in 3 sizes – 1 Quart (946ml), 5 Gallon (18.9 litres) –  1 litre makes 15 litres of working product.

WARNING: Eff-Erayza™ is acidic and will etch acid sensitive stones like marble, limestone, travertine and onyx as well as concrete products. Does not burn skin on temporary contact, however rinse immediately after skin contact to avoid burns. Read all of the safety directions and precautions carefully before using.