40SK™ – Premium Salt Protection Sealer

DRY-TREAT 40SK™ is an invisible and breathable sealer that protects and consolidates natural stone and grout from damage caused by salt water. Part sealer – to lock damaging water penetrating into the stone and part stone consolidator to strengthen the stone against salt spalling.

Specifically used to protect the four most salt sensitive stones : Travertine, Marble, Limestone and Sandstone and used in salt water environments such as around salt water swimming pools and along the beach esplanade.

Retaining the the natural finish of the stone and can be used in conjunction with STAIN-PROOF Original™ you will be able to keep your surfaces looking new for longer and making it easier to clean. Comes with a 15 year warranty if applied by a Licensed Dry Treat Applicator. Talk to us about putting you in touch with our recommended licensed applicators.

Comes in 2 sizes – 1 Gallon (3.79 litres), 5 Gallon (18.9 litres)