stonehaus has a beautiful selection of marble wall tiles, floor tiles and

outdoor pavers now in Brisbane

Marble is a metamorphic rock is born when limestone is exposed to high temperatures and high pressure where the calcite in the limstone recrystallises forming a denser rock. Because of this density and it’s versitility it has been used in sculpture and architecture for thousands of years from the Taj Mahal,The Great Pyramids at Giza and the The Roman Colosseum.

Coupled with it’s sheer beauty, marble has a timeless beauty like no other stone. With an almost unending range of stunning colours from whites to black and even blues and greens. With subtle variantions to wild and chaotic patterns, marble can fit into any design palette from modern to traditional styles.

stonehaus marble is available in an extensive range of beautiful colours, sizes, cuts and finishes giving you every option imaginable to suit your designs and decor. Start your stone journey below or visit us at our showroom in Brisbane to see our stock on display or in the crate.

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