stonehaus has a magnificent selection of Limestone floor tiles and wall tiles

that adds beauty and luxury to your project

Limestone is a stunning sedimentary rock that is formed in warm shallow marine waters over millions of years. Composed mostly of calcium and fragments of marine organisms such as coral, shells, debris and marine organisms such as algae. It is not uncommon to find these marine organisms preserved inside the stone.

Because of its beauty and versatility Limestone can be used in making cements, lime for gardens and dimensional stone for construction such as tiles, pavers, blocks, window sill and columns.

stonehaus Limestone is selected due to it’s high quality and it’s extensive range of beautiful colours, sizes, cuts and finishes giving you every option imaginable to suit your designs and decor. 

Start your stone journey below or visit us at our showroom to see our stock on display or in the crate. We deliver to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

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